exploring the most extreme and exotic edges of earth.

We are ocean lovers from all over the globe, but our desire to constantly explore and experience the unknown brought us together. Now, we’re on a journey to the edges of earth to meet the inspiring people who have dedicated their lives to the planet.
Our team is growing. Reach out if you’re interested in joining us!
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Expedition Lead & Growth Strategist
My job was to help businesses build their brands, while marketing their products and services. I built a  career in New York City working at some of the world’s leading agencies, venture capital firms and consulting for many brands you know and love. As I was climbing the corporate ladder, on track with the status quo, I realized something was seriously missing.
Four years ago, I decided to uproot my entire life.
I bought a one-way ticket to Australia seeking radical change. I wanted to live differently, apply my skills to something more meaningful and see what life was like on the other side of the world. I wanted to fully step out of my comfort zone and help those who needed it most. So, I threw myself into the deep end, literally. I became immersed in my lifelong passion and something far more meaningful than I’d ever worked on before—the ocean.
From helping nonprofits to working on boats to aggressively training as a scuba diver with zero water experience before the year 2017—this shifted focus opened my eyes to a whole new way of living, thinking  and being.
Now for my next chapter, I’m going a step further.
I’ve abandoned my home address to go on an expedition around the world. My goal: to leverage my skills as a Growth Strategist and Divemaster to help more people who have committed their lives to our planet share their impact. I’ve learned that only while completely out of your comfort zone can you figure out what your bigger contribution is meant to be. And mine is dedicated to helping others bring their impact stories to the forefront.
Expedition Logistics & Safety
I couldn't have chosen a more traditional career path. As a Chartered Accountant, I took all the steps necessary to land myself a well-respected role, working at one of the legendary big four. For a decade, I played by the rules—in every sense of the saying. Building a strong career in Western Australia, I learned what it took to help stand up, operationalise and grow businesses, securing their financial future. But something was seriously missing.
This year, I decided to uproot my entire life.
Growing up, I spent my free time learning everything I could about the ocean. How to read it, how to navigate it and how to ride it. I started specializing in ocean safety and decided to become a surf lifesaver (yes, like the TV show Bondi Rescue). 15 years later, and lots more experience under my belt, I realized it was time to take my relationship with the ocean to the next level.
Today, I'm blending my passion with my professional expertise. I’ve abandoned the board room to spend more time on the surfboard, all while helping those who want to make an impact reach their goals.
Going on this expedition is allowing me to use my skills for good—helping those we meet along the way elevate their impact work, while keeping our team safe throughout our travels.
In this next chapter, I’m dedicated to streamlining our expedition so we are considering sustainable best practices, adhering to policies and supporting local communities. And with that, my aim is to help others think about how to travel wisely and safely—passing on our knowledge to those who want to keep the spirit of exploration alive.
Photography & Design Lead
In my early adult years, my definition of a career was  based on blurry ideas of what success meant and looked like to other people. I spent so much time trying to decode and follow those ideas, that there was no time left to understand, feel, or experience what really mattered to me.
And then finally, after ignoring my intuition for the majority of my life, it all the sudden began knocking so loud that I had no choice but to listen. I knew—and more so felt in the depths of my being—that there was something bigger than myself that I needed to be a part of. Only through beginning to follow my intuition, was I able to uncover what my values really were. And once I began to recognize my values, there was nothing that could make them unclear.
So, what became my only option was to dive into them head first.
And with that, I soon realized that the entry points to aligned action were everywhere around me.
I am passionate about living with intention and contributing to solutions that make the planet a better place. I am passionate about the ocean and protecting the biodiversity of this incredible, and largely unknown life-force. I am passionate about sharing with the world the beauty that I see in it, in hopes that it can inspire even just one person to care a little more.
Today, I use my skills as Photographer & Graphic Designer to help impact businesses and brands share their vision in the most beautiful and compelling ways. How I’m contributing to this expedition is exactly that. For those we meet along the way, I’m honored to share their stories through a visual lens.